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Biotechnology Laboratory/Administration/Dining Complex

Biotechnology Laboratory/Administration/Dining Complex

This project for an international biotechnology firm is comprised of an analytical and process research laboratory, an administration building, and a large dining complex. These three facilities were interwoven and connected to an existing building within the manufacturing campus. Project goals emphasized speed and efficiency as well as environmental sensitivity. Energy savings through the use of heat-recovery and variable air volume systems, the appropriate use of natural light, and the wise choice of building materials guided the design effort.

The two-story 125,000 sf laboratory was developed with a two-corridor scheme that defines three linear bands of varying uses. Offices, interaction spaces and conference rooms are grouped along a sky-lit corridor. The middle, internal band contains laboratory and building support spaces. The need to place sensitive equipment away from solar heat gain placed the laboratories on the east side of the building. The Process Experimentation Laboratory that provides for the invention of new ways of manufacturing the company’s products is housed in a separate wing. The administration building’s design enhances its representational quality as the “front door” of the campus.  The 370 seat dining complex provides varied gathering spaces for employees and visitors. Large glass walls open to the western vistas and provide access to adjoining outdoor dining terraces.

Executive Architect: Davis Partnership and HLW International
Photography: Ron Pollard