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AIT Win Sing Residential Towers, Win Sing Development Corp

AIT Win Sing Residential Towers, Win Sing Development Corp

The Win Sing AIT Residential Towers provide 136 units of housing within two 48,000 sqm residential towers that are located on a well-connected site directly across from the future American Institute in Taipei. The building mass is divided into sections: the base and lower floors are strengthened with prominent stone walls that anchor the buildings to the ground and enhance the sense of formal presence. The middle portions of the buildings are animated by an interplay of prefabricated concrete panels with shifting windows, which fulfill both structural and view requirements. The stepped massing of the upper floors relates to the scale of the city while providing a varied and intriguing silhouette. The tower tops are the lightest element, characterized by large glass bays that act as luminescent lanterns.

A series of public plazas, serene gardens and cooling fountains provide refreshing shade in the hot, humid climate. A series of water features has a hidden origin in the southwest terrace and cascades down through the lower lobby garden to greet residents and visitors at the entry plaza and drop-off area. The Upper Plaza is amplified by a generous opening that brings light down into the lobby, swimming pool and parking area below. This Upper Plaza is connected to the southwest terrace by a pedestrian bridge over the main lobby garden, which features a grand, double-angled glass canopy.

Associate Architect: LKP Design