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Dublin City Library and Parnell Square Cultural Center

Dublin City Library and Parnell Square Cultural Center

This new city library, at the core of an iconic cultural quarter, integrates and celebrates the cultural grain of Georgian Dublin into a library designed to meet the needs of the 21st century. The context of the site and the Georgian houses located on a historical square directly inspire the design concept. The existing Georgian buildings are used as fabric and woven through to a new, light-filled, public space beyond—the “Library Mews.” The City Library becomes a continuum of Dublin’s public spaces and augments the Cultural District with new public space filled with inquiry, learning and knowledge.

Much of the socialization and movement takes place within the “Library Mews” atrium. Bridges connect the Cultural Centers back and forth to related program spaces within the Library over the Library Mews. Places to read and rooms for meetings extend dramatically into the atrium. Here is where old meets new and knowledge meets culture—where new design and technologies, to further learning and knowledge, connect and interact with the history and cultural energy of the Quarter.

The overall design for this Cultural Quarter invigorates Parnell Square. It emphasizes pedestrian movement through new cultural and business elements. It strengthens the Civic Spine of Dublin while providing new momentum to the existing thriving cultural life of the Quarter. The Cultural Centers bring together writers, readers, artists, artisans and musicians to celebrate the City's past, present and future. The Georgian houses are revitalized offering “cultural shop windows” and with the Library Mews, invite everyone to come inside, to visit, stay a while and share a good story.

Local Architect: DMOD Architects