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Joseph A. Steger Student Life Center, University of Cincinnati

Joseph A. Steger Student Life Center, University of Cincinnati

The crescent-shaped Student Life Center at the University of Cincinnati carefully connects academic, retail, and social spaces to best serve a diverse community of students. The varied mix of uses includes classrooms, student organizations, computer labs, dining, retail, and information and resource areas, within a socially dynamic and supportive environment and LEED Certified building.

These aspirations are developed at the campus scale through connections for pedestrian movement, such as covered arcades for walking, dining and relaxing. Visual linkages are reinforced by pathways, portals, and porches. At the scale of the individual building, horizontal and vertical movement is designed to encourage informal interaction and socializing, using “social stairs,” naturally lighted galleries, arcades and an atrium. These elements encourage a broad array of interactions, from casual to programmed, while the varied mix of uses creates a lively 24 hour energy. Closely relating the Student Life Center to the nearby student union and recreation centers engenders a magnet for activity in the heart of the campus.

Associate Architect: Glaserworks
Photography: Alan Karchmer