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Kemeny Hall and Haldeman Center, Dartmouth College

Kemeny Hall and Haldeman Center, Dartmouth College
New Hampshire

The LEED® Silver certified Kemeny Hall & Haldeman Center is the new, consolidated home for the Math Department and three Humanities departments that were previously dispersed throughout the campus. The building provides a connection between the central portion of the campus and the iconic Dartmouth Green as well as the newer buildings on the north portion of campus. Upper floor alcoves allow natural daylight to enter the corridors, making them attractive, sunny extensions of the faculty and staff offices. Public space adjacent to classrooms and conference rooms encourages people to “spill out and spread out” so that the exchange of ideas can continue long after an event or seminar has concluded.

LEED Silver Certified
Associate Architect: Bruner/Cott & Associates, Inc. Photography: Timothy Hursley