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COFCO Agricultural Eco Valley

COFCO Agricultural Eco Valley

The Agricultural Eco Valley Master Plan outside Beijing, China is an unprecedented visionary development that is entirely based on the sustainable production of food. All food will be grown and produced within the site according to the concept of “zero energy in, no waste out,” with all energy generated on-site.

Proposed to target a LEED for Neighborhood Development Platinum rating, the nearly 3,000-acre, carbon-neutral development features integrated transportation infrastructure that connects the site to the greater Beijing area.  The project includes farmlands, industrial agricultural processing facilities, research & redevelopment laboratories, low and high-density housing, hotel, exhibition center, restored wetlands, commercial and retail buildings, greenhouses, and a landmark botanical garden attraction.

Multi-modal Loop—the Ring of Discovery

Centered on a light rail train station linked to Beijing, the master plan is organized around a multi-modal transport loop called the Ring of Discovery. This Ring, which accommodates pedestrian, bicycle, and bio-fuel-powered buses, will also connect with a smaller monorail loop for customized, programmable Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) vehicles to move around the main commercial and tourist hub to the Eco Valley. The Ring of Discovery connects all zones of the development and links a series of innovative Discovery Pavilions that will display educational materials and programming related to developing technologies for agricultural, farming, and residential elements.