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One Oasis Resort Development

One Oasis Resort Development

The One Oasis resort creates a luxurious, family-oriented residential district while offering hotel, retail, and leisure facilities to celebrate the area’s famed identity as a resort and entertainment destination. An elegant oval opening to the north evokes the image of a lotus blossom and is anchored by taller landmark buildings that serve as gateways to the project. Public spaces, paths of movement, and qualities of residential entry on this spectacular 12.4-acre site work together to encourage social interaction among residents. A Central Lagoon serves as the social and recreational heart of the project, with three floating “islands in a lake” which evoke a fantasy setting and enhance the project’s resort atmosphere. A public pedestrian promenade encircles the Central Lagoon and is animated with landscaping, viewing terraces, bridges, and pavilions.

Sustainable, ecologically-friendly features are optimized throughout the project, ranging from green sod roofs and integrated photovoltaic systems to micro-turbines that generate on-site power. Water conservation methods include bio-filtration, wastewater management, and a global strategy that utilizes waterfalls and grading to keep water in constant motion. Lush native plants, trellises and canopies provide shade, while screens facilitate natural ventilation in the hot and humid tropical climate.

Associate Architect: ARCHIPLUS International